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Every 90’s baby remembers aimlessly scribbling away on Microsoft Paint while logging hours on Windows 98.

The graphics editing and creation program first appeared in 1985, as a basic editor which allowed users to modify pixelated images. Yet, soon enough, it became a wildly popular program that school children couldn’t wait to get their hands on.

Flash forward to 2020, and Microsoft Paint is still chugging along as one of the finest graphic editing and image creation software programs on the digital market.

Of course, no program could possibly stay relevant without updating features, so Paint has done just that. Users can now draw with a stylus pen, mouse, and most recently – the arrow keys on a keyboard.

However, all of the new features certainly don’t undermine the original features of Paint, which allowed both children and adults to make masterpieces of relatively basic controls. Users can still wield a variety of pens, markers, and brushes to apply color, or simply drag and drop geometric or organic shapes with a custom creator.

At the end of the day, Paint is here to stay, and will no doubt continue to dominate the digital artwork space.

Software Review

Microsoft exclusive graphical editor for creating and modifying digital art pieces.

Those born in the 90s surely remember scribbling images on Paint in their 3rd-grade computer class. The classic graphics editor and image creation tool gave youngsters and adults the chance to fashion images in any which way they saw fit. But what if you could still have a taste of those fond memories, and doodle away on the classic Microsoft program?

Thankfully, you can!

Though dozens of other raster graphics editors have flooded the digital artwork scene in the last decades, Paint has still managed to secure its place as a fan favorite.

With Paint, users can wield a variety of tools to create absolute masterpieces. Spray cans, water brushes, organic shapes, blurred lines and more can all be used to become the next Van Gogh.

There’s far more to the program than just freehand creation though, as users can also load photos and images onto the blank canvas to be manipulated. Add fun effects, draw on faces, or simply touch up old drawings! The graphic editor can even layer different pictures together, to create a one of a kind portrait.

Whatever you desire to create, create it with Paint!

● Freehand Image Creation – Fashion a masterpiece using a stylus, mouse, or set of arrow keys. The digital canvas invites users to get in touch with their wild side, and create pixelated works of art that would never be possible without digital technology.

● Digital Image Manipulation – Looking to create the next greatest meme from your high school yearbook photo? Load it into Paint and manipulate the piece until it becomes the next great hit on Reddit!

● Family-Friendly Software – Spark the imagination of your children and yourself with a family-friendly program that encourages learning and creativity. A simple interface and set of controls ensure that artists both old and young can create true masterpieces.

Show the world just how much of a Da Vinci you are with Microsoft Paint.

Microsoft Paint is available exclusively for Microsoft Windows.


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Astro says:
  • Saves files in GIF, TIFF, JPEG
  • Increased functionality in recent versions
  • Easy to learn; simple to use
  • Not as versatile as similar programs
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